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Clara Callan

Based on the acclaimed novel by Richard B. Wright, Clara Callan is set in the midst of the Great Depression and follows the lives of two sisters who are struggling against convention to find their place in the world.

With small-town Ontario, Toronto and New York City as the backdrop, Clara Callan peels back the surface of daily life in the 1930s confronting issues that no one dared talk about – abortion, rape, suicide, depression, lesbianism, religion and the repercussions for women who defied expectations and strayed outside their societal roles.

Winner of the Giller Prize, the Trillium Award and the Governor General’s Award for Fiction, Clara Callan is a remarkable story brought to the screen – a time capsule whose raw emotions, life-altering situations and vivid characterizations reverberate even today at a time when society is still debating and confronting many of the same issues.

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