Death or Canada

An Extraordinary Tribute to the Human Spirit

Death or Canada presents an epic tale of sacrifice and courage in the face of overwhelming adversity. In 1847 Ireland was in the grip of a devastating famine that would claim more than a million lives and force a million more to leave their country in despair, escaping to North America in the holds of ‘coffin ships’. Among those fleeing their homeland were the ancestors of Henry Ford, John F. Kennedy and Bing Crosby.

Between May and October of that year, 38,000 wretched souls landed in the muddy backwater village of Toronto. Their only hope was to start a new life and leave the misery of Ireland far behind.


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  • Running Time:95 minutes
  • Production Year:2009
  • Broadcasters:RTE Ireland, History Channel UK, History Television
  • Distributor:Ballinran Entertainment