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Voting opens October 14, 2022 and continues until voting day, Monday October 24, 2022.
Production support for Our Stratford Our Vote has been provided by Ballinran Entertainment, Southwestern Ontario’s leading producer of screen-based content.  For more than 27 years, Ballinran has been Illuminating Extraordinary Stories on film, television and digital media – distributing our productions in Canada and around the world from our home base in Stratford, Ontario. Discover how Ballinran can help create and share your story.
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Our Stratford - Our Vote Mayors Roundtable

Martin Ritsma
Robert Ritz
Kathy Vassilakos

OUR STRATFORD – OUR VOTE is a series of election roundtables produced by Ballinran Entertainment featuring the candidates for Stratford City Council and Mayor in the upcoming municipal election.


The 2022 Municipal Election is expected to be a pivotal one for Stratford.  For the first time in more than 15 years, there is no incumbent running for Mayor and there are 29 candidates vying for the 10 seats on Stratford City Council.


All candidates were invited to participate, and they were selected at random to participate based on their availability. Candidates were not provided topics or questions in advance but were made aware of the format of the roundtable. To ensure spontaneity, candidates were asked not to read from prepared statements.


There are six sessions featuring city council candidates and one session with the candidates for Mayor.



Craig Thompson

President and Executive Producer

Ballinran Entertainment



Paul Cluff



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Our Stratford - Our Vote Episode 1


Bonnie Henderson

Alan Kasperski

Rob Russell 
Ken Wood

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Our Stratford - Our Vote Episode 2


Mark Hunter

Larry McCabe

James Montgomery

Geza Wordofa

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Our Stratford - Our Vote Episode 3


Jason Davis
Tom Drake 
Daniel Nedecki
Robb Williamson
Kevin Kruchkywich

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Our Stratford - Our Vote Episode 4


Taylor Briscoe

Ryan Doyle 
John Lewis
Don Robinson


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Our Stratford - Our Vote Episode 5


Lesley Biehn

Harj Nijar
Ian Morton


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Our Stratford - Our Vote Episode 6


Jo-Dee Burbach

Lisa Cloutier
Tim Forster
Geoff Krauter
Cody Sebben