Inspired by the work we do at Ballinran Entertainment, Storefront Studios is laser focussed on supporting and uplifting local initiatives while telling the untold stories of Stratford - our remarkable community known for attracting talented storytellers.

About Storefront Studios

We launched this aspect of our business in 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, to not only help our community stay connected with their audiences but also to aid in business growth. That has since led to the launch of Stageview.TV – Canada’s new streaming platform for the performing arts

We produce broadcast quality presentations of significant events like Stratford Perth Remembers – the annual Remembrance Day Broadcast.

We create socially relevant  documentaries on important cultural subjects  like “Faces of Diversity” and our upcoming film “The Crosswalk” on Stratford’s LGBTQ+ community.

Studio Services

Audio Production

Full-service podcast production, additional dialogue recording (ADR), sound editing.

Video Production

Mobile & studio filming, editing, live streaming (various streaming platforms), green screen production, event production & staging, 360 cinematography, drone.

Motion Graphics & VFX

Photo manipulation, art direction, special effects, stop-motion.

Projection Mapping

Using cutting-edge technology that transforms ordinary objects or surfaces, such as buildings, stages, and landscapes, into dynamic, interactive visual displays.

Lighting Installations

Involves designing, setting up, and maintaining artistic light displays that transform spaces through the creative use of lighting technology and design.

Our Work

The Stratford Slice Podcast

Produced by Ballinran and hosted by Craig Thompson, this podcast offers a slice of life at the intersection of arts and culture and current affairs with enlightening personal stories.

Stratford Perth Remembers


We produced a live-streaming broadcast of the 2022 and 2023 Remembrance Day ceremony from the Stratford Cenotaph to allow people to watch it from the comfort of their own home. 


Miller & Miller Online Auction Studio

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Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, Miller & Miller Auctions was faced with a major decline in business. We produced an live, online auction to allow them to reach a global audience with a premium guest experience. 

Queen of the Square Cinema

With the Queen of the Square Cinema, we created a state-of-the-art screening venue inside Stratford’s historic City Hall Auditorium to showcase the best independent films and a provide a home for special community screening events.

Work With Us

Every person, every business, every life is a story worth telling. By working with Storefront Studios, we can help you…
  • Uncover and effectively share your story with the right audience
  • Embrace the knowledge and power of emotion-driven storytelling
  • Benefit from a high-quality, cost-effective studio vs Toronto 
  • Experience top-tier, professional services and standards
  • Support a local business
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