Death or Canada

Death or Canada Death or Canada is a two-part Canadian–Irish docudrama which was broadcast in Ireland on RTÉ One in November/December 2008. In the UK on The History Channel UK in January and February 2009 as Fleeing The Famine. The film was also featured as part of the celebrations for Toronto’s 175th anniversary. Trailer Watch […]

A Life in Stages

A Life in Stages A Life in Stages provides a window into the remarkable career of Des McAnuff, one of the theatre’s most prolific and versatile artists. The director of such hits as Jersey Boys, The Who’s Tommy and Billy Crystal’s 700 Sundays, and recognized for his artistic leadership of La Jolla Playhouse in California […]

Hangman’s Graveyard

Hangman’s Graveyard Hangman’s Graveyard is a dark and haunting tale of rogues, rakes and villains and a modern day investigation to uncover and identify the remains of inmates executed at Toronto’s notorious Don Jail. Inmates who were unceremoniously buried in the Murderer’s Graveyard directly behind the jail, in some cases buried mere feet from where […]

The Captains

The Captains In the 1960s, the role of “Star Trek’s” Capt. Kirk launched William Shatner’s career into the stratosphere. The original series also gave birth to a lucrative franchise consisting of numerous feature films and spin-off series. More than 40 years after he first took command of the starship Enterprise, Shatner interviews other actors who […]

Chaos on the Bridge

Chaos on the Bridge William Shatner Presents: Chaos on the Bridge is a 2014 documentary, running for 59 minutes, written, directed, co-produced and hosted by former Captain James T. Kirk actor William Shatner about the conception and creation of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Starring: William Shatner Trailer Watch Now More Info

Mostly Sunny

Mostly Sunny Sunny Leone is a Canadian-born actress who moved to the United States and established a career in pornographic cinema. She then became a major star in India’s Bollywood film industry.[3] Footage of Leone was filmed in Canada, India, Malaysia, the United Kingdom and the United States. Starring: Sunny Leone Trailer Watch Now More Info

Inside Wuhan

Inside Wuhan Inside Wuhan is an undercover documentary that foreshadows a world under quarantine and offers lessons on the future of remote filmmaking. Trailer Watch Now More Info

Game Changers

Game Changers Legendary quizmaster Alex Trebek takes us on a personal journey through the world of television game shows. A familiar face to most viewers as the host of Jeopardy!, Trebek sets out to explore the influence of game shows and discover why they continue to endure as an integral part of our entertainment culture. His […]

The Truth is in the Stars

The Truth is in the Stars Do we as a society have the capacity to live up to Star Trek’s optimistic, inclusive vision for humanity’s future?  That is the central question in The Truth is in the Stars,  a feature documentary in which the original Captain Kirk, William Shatner, examines the impact of Star Trek on […]